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Bess: The Commoner Queen
Projection Design

Bess is a hybrid show between theatre and film. A one woman piece with regular and intricate interactions with ghostly projections of her previous husbands.

During a life of over 80 years, Bess rose from being a Derbyshire farmer’s daughter with 400 acres to become Elizabeth Countess of Shrewsbury with 400,000 acres. Bess: The Commoner Queen is in every way an epic life-telling.

Three of the most iconic women of the age: Elizabeth Tudor Queen of England, Mary Stuart Queen of Scots and Bess the commoner queen, were embroidered into the same tapestry - when all about them were men.

Over 400 years later the Bess legacy lives on today through the country’s most titled and wealthiest families notably via the Cavendish-Bentinck line to Queen Elizabeth II.


Directed by Rikki Tarascas
Video Design: William Simpson