I am a UK based artist, designer and filmmaker.

This site was originally created to house my film work and video design portfolio and over the years it has morphed and grown as my output and interests have broadened into graphic design, print, music, apparel and installation art.

I have spent years as a freelance filmmaker working for agencies and clients such as BBC, Channel 4, The Arts Council, Southbank, Universal Records and World Wildlife Foundation.

During that time I have also maintained a video projection design portfolio, creating visuals for shows such as Miracle by Derren Brown, The Kite Runner in the West End and Rocky the Musical (Yes, Rocky Balboa!) in Germany.

As time has progressed this portfolio has also grown to include my design interests and prints. I still actively take on freelance editing and design work as I enjoy the challenges they bring, which in turn informs my own work.

This is a fairly new chapter for me, I’m continually working on the balance between my design and that of the freelance world, but I’m really enjoying the opportunity to explore my style.

Through my crossover between film, theatre to design and print, I have collected lots of examples of design ideas, so I am going to collate them into a blog on this site. I didn’t study graphics or design, I studied TV and Film Production at University in Manchester but I have been using my creative eye on theatre video design’s for over 18 years now and at this point feel I have a good grasp of the type of design I enjoy most and what I feel my own work should be. 

Looking back over the decades of design inspiration though, I’m consistently drawn to Bauhaus, Cubism and Geometric Abstraction through the likes of Ilya Bolotowsky, Piet Mondrian and Michael Loew. Not to mention the design work of Charles and Ray Eames and the architectural wonders of Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid.

Designers have for years tackled societal challenges through responding to the madness of daily life and historically, war, with efficiency and logic. It seems abstract artists have always brought intuition and emotion to the table, complimentary forces that will always have an effect on the conscious of society. On one hand, the western world has become as contemplative and existentially profound as it has ever been. On the other hand it has become its most materialistic. It’s an exciting time to be exploring design.

My design and illustration work is in it’s infancy. I am always trying to find a colour palette that speaks for itself which takes the form of architectural abstraction, something that is visceral and beautiful and at times in conflict. I imagine these things will always remain in my work. 

With all that said, I don’t take myself or my work overly seriously. I approach design as a necessity in life, a hobby or past-time if you like, something that I look forward to doing each day as a release and a way to understand the world around me, so, let’s not over think it too much.


Updated 27.04.19

Short version..

Name: Will Simpson
Location: Leeds, UK
Occupation: Artist and Designer
Sunrunner: My music pseudonym ︎