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British Modern Remade
Arts Council Collection
Artist - Exhibition Film

British Modern Remade is an exhibition of painting, sculpture, collage and film from the Arts Council Collection, taking place within the refurbished show apartments at Park Hill in Sheffield during the summer of 2012. The works featured span the six decades since the founding of the collection in 1946. This exhibition seeks to examine the anxieties and allure of British Modernism as typified by Park Hill itself and key artworks from the 1940s to the present day. Contemporary artists and designers are returning to Modernism and commandeering it with an uncanny resemblance. The signs and symbols remain intact, so what of the ideology?

Artists featured in the exhibition include Robert Adams, Kenneth Armitage, Martin Boyce, John Carter, Lynn Chadwick, Keith Coventry, Alexandre da Cunha, Naum Gabo, Alan Green, Gareth Jones, Kenneth and Mary Martin, Margaret Mellis, Bernard Meadows, Camilla Low and Toby Patterson.
Filmmaker: William Simpson
Produced by Omni Studio
Sound Post-Production: Simon McCorry