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The Living Lakes (Ann Arbor and Chicago)
Projection Design

Living Lakes was originally performaned at the Duderstadt Center, Ann Arbor and later developed at Links Hall, Chicago. The piece is scheduled for a further performance and development at Dixon Place, New York in 2018.

The Living Lakes considers the Great Lakes as connectors and sites of conflict and dissonance among multi-ethnic communities. "Living Lakes" examines economies of labor, commerce and transport through projections coupled with theatrical sound and dance movement.

The collaborators engage in locating historic moments of ethnic presence in the American Midwest. We ask: How did African American, and Mexican American people find refuge, solace, work and pleasure in the frozen landscape of the Great Lakes region between 1910 and 1930.

We use tableaus, dance movement landscapes, projections and vocalized soundscapes to tell the story of multi-ethnic families making a place for themselves as they travel from south to north, from rural landscapes of Mexico and Mississippi, to icy farmlands and urban industrial cities like Detroit, Chicago or Kalamazoo.


Directed by Anita Gonzalez
Choregrapher: Joel Valentín-Martínez
Video Design: William Simpson
Composer: Jonathan Girling