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Soldiering On
Xenoki / Channel 4

Learning-disabled people don’t go to war”. Not officially anyway. Not nowadays. They are the ones left behind. Composer and musician Jez Colborne is seduced by the pomp and ceremony surrounding war: the camaraderie, the camouflage, the marching bands and parades. The only thing he doesn’t like is the killing.

In collaboration with Mind the Gap this pop-music style video features an original song composed and performed by Jez, set in and old cinema playing silent films from WW1. It explores the contradiction between Jez’s desire to be part of an experience he is locked out of… and his horror at the brutal reality of war.
Filmmaker: William Simpson
Director: Tim Wheeler
Producer: Omni Studio
Series Producer: Judith Knight, Deborah May

Best Production:
Oska Bright Film Festival 2015